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The billionaire advice service

Thursday, 9 February 2012 | By Oliver Milman

weekend-bransonWhile billionaires are regularly the subject of public lambasting over their tax affairs, for many start-ups, they are nothing but generous.


Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, for example, puts time aside from arranging high profile publicity stunts to answer questions from budding entrepreneurs. This one is on decision making.


Did you know that Wales’ first billionaire is a man called Sir Terry Matthews?


Probably not, but given that he has started 89 businesses, with 83 of them considered to be successes, it’s probably worth listening to his pearls of wisdom.


Other members of the super-wealth elite recently met in Washington to tell entrepreneurs to not just network, but to actually do something.


This isn’t a message that the recently-floated LinkedIn would want to propagate, of course. Here’s everything you need to know about LinkedIn recommendations.


If you want some further networking tips, these entrepreneurs have put together an interesting video.


Just as interesting, and certainly funnier, is the latest addition to the ‘Sh-t people say’ meme, which highlights some of the common phrases to emerge from the mouths of venture capitalists.


Could your business survive a disaster? If you’re not sure, you should put it through these three, hypothetical, tests.


Finally, did you know that the next generation of entrepreneurs will be called ‘generation flux’ due to the “chaos” that will take hold in the marketplace?