Put Google Maps Labs on your Android phone

Tech trend on Google Maps Labs on Android

Tech trend on Google Maps Labs on AndroidGoogle Maps is probably one of the most useful features found on any Android or iPhone device, and enabling Maps Labs makes it even better.


If you own an Android phone, it’s worth checking out the Maps Labs to see if you can get some extra functionality out of it. First, you need to open up Google Maps, hit the Menu button and then go to More – Labs.


Once there, you can click on a number of different items to use that aren’t available in the normal version of Maps. These include a Scale Bar, Traffic with Labels, Bubble Buttons and a Measuring tool.


These are put in the Labs menu because they aren’t yet fully rolled out to the normal version of Maps, so you could encounter some problems. But if you’re willing to put up with some possible errors from time to time, then it’s worth enabling some Labs features.

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