Australian Bankers’ Association


Small business set to benefit from revised Code of Banking Practice

3:01AM | Friday, 15 March

Banks will need to give at least 10 days’ notice before making any materially adverse changes to small business customers’ terms and conditions, as part of the revised Code of Banking Practice.

Online retail boom sees credit card fraud soar

7:10AM | Friday, 13 July

The Australian Bankers’ Association has issued a stark warning to merchants and consumers over payment fraud, with new data showing credit card fraud is surging as online retail booms.

Industry groups cast doubt on Labor’s surplus pledge

11:04AM | Tuesday, 29 November

Industry groups have thrown their support behind the Federal Government’s renewed promise to return the budget to surplus, but have raised doubts over the measures it will use to achieve this.

Swan’s tick-and-flick bank plan gets minor tick of approval

8:44AM | Monday, 22 August

The Federal Government says its “tick and flick” plan will make it easier for customers to switch banks, but the proposal has received a lukewarm response from business groups.

SMEs hammered by banks, impose tiered rates on business savers: Report

8:44AM | Wednesday, 3 August

Small businesses are being treated like second-class customers by Australian banks, according to new research, despite claims to the contrary from the Australian Bankers’ Association.

Australian Bankers’ Association rejects call for credit card surcharging cap

7:30AM | Tuesday, 26 July

The Australian Bankers’ Association has rebuffed a proposal to cap the surcharge fees imposed by credit card customers, much to the dismay of EFTPOS payment platforms.

Business owners favour accountants’ advice

4:15AM | Monday, 4 April

Business owners prefer to seek advice from their accountant rather than their lawyer, bank, business coach or financial planner, according to a new survey.

Scams double amidst evolving technology

3:11PM | Monday, 7 March

A new report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reveals scam-related reports more than doubled from 2009 to 2010, with online scams soaring.

ATM fees spark investor interest

2:41AM | Thursday, 17 February

A new report has revealed that investors are seeing increased potential in the ATM market, prompting a renewed call for a cap on ATM fees.

Cyclone Yasi set to force further budget cuts

2:45PM | Monday, 28 February

Cyclone Yasi has left a $1 billion damage bill for the state’s agricultural industries, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard warning of further budget cuts to fund the recovery effort.

Brisbane businesses begin clean up

1:46PM | Sunday, 16 January

Business owners in Brisbane are beginning the enormous clean up operation as a result of the floodwaters which saw the Brisbane River break its banks.

Mixed response to Swan’s banking plan

12:16PM | Monday, 13 December

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan’s proposed banking reforms have received mixed reviews from business and banking representatives.

Banking group hits back at Hockey over interest rates

2:46PM | Wednesday, 2 February

The Australian Bankers’ Association has hit back at shadow treasurer Joe Hockey’s insistence that the government should do more to force the banks to keep their interest rates down.

Government rules out small business bank idea

12:05AM | Monday, 6 December

The government will not follow the UK and Canada and actively encourage the establishment of a bank specifically for small businesses, the new small business minister has told StartupSmart.

Greens to push ahead with bank fee cap plans

12:31AM | Monday, 6 December

The Greens will continue to push for new regulation on banks to place caps on savings account charges and ban $2 ATM fees.