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Why it’s time to get serious about grants

8:56AM | Wednesday, 8 August

It’s a new financial year and that means new cash injection opportunities for start-ups.

Five steps to gain a better customer focus

5:25AM | Wednesday, 2 May

We all know that in order to establish a successful business you need to focus on delivering a solution to your target market.

Five key lessons start-ups can take from Facebook

5:19AM | Wednesday, 2 May

There’s a wealth of information available to start-ups to help you identify the steps, strategies and tools you should use to establish your business and grow it in the initial years.

Should your business aim for profits or growth?

3:20AM | Friday, 15 March

The ultimate financial objective of your business should be to maximise profits.

Positioning your business for venture capital

5:40AM | Wednesday, 2 May

My last article titled Four ways to get a cashed up start-up outlined the different sources of funds available to start-ups.

Four ways to get a cashed up start-up

5:30AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Cash is the life blood of every business. You need it to pay your expenses, invest in growth, fund development and keep things going while you wait for the cash you’re owed to flow back into the business.

Benchmark your way to success

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Call it curiosity or just plain competiveness, most business owners want to know how their business compares to others in the industry, but don’t know how to go about it.

Five steps to creating a blockbuster start-up sequel

5:22AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Once your start-up has been established, business is humming and the primary offering you launched with has become a success, the challenge is to find the next big thing.

What’s your half time strategy?

5:13AM | Wednesday, 2 May

The siren has sounded on the first quarter of financial year 2011/12 and it’s time to pick up the game leading up to the half time break.

Five steps to get a sustainable competitive advantage

5:03AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Today’s business environment is very competitive. It’s now a lot easier and cheaper to start-up a business, particularly with technology enabling business to be conducted online and internationally to win customers in foreign markets.

Keeping the spring in your step

5:51AM | Wednesday, 2 May

The first year or two for a start-up can be incredibly rewarding as you establish and build the business. It can also be busy, frustrating and lonely for a business owner.

Setting your sights on value

5:48AM | Wednesday, 2 May

If there’s one target every small business should have in their sights, it’s business value. Too often I come across business owners that focus on profits or revenue.

Seven steps to developing a leadership culture

5:45AM | Wednesday, 2 May

For many start-ups, a lack of leadership talent is often cited as an impediment to the growth of the business.

Eight ways to stay ahead of the competition

5:40AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Many start-up businesses have a single-minded focus to get up and go.

Finding your growth ally

5:30AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Businesses looking to upscale should consider forming a business alliance as an alternative growth strategy.