Brad Skuse


The Cheesecake Shop does away with master franchisors

3:37AM | Monday, 11 March

The Cheesecake Shop has finalised the restructure of its franchise group following the expiry of its master franchise agreement in New Zealand, which means all franchisees now deal directly with the franchisor.

Rogue franchisee reignites battle with The Cheesecake Shop

2:12AM | Wednesday, 15 February

Renegade Cheesecake Shop franchisee Brad Skuse has set up a site critical of the company, called, six months after being forced to take down

SA Government tacks on franchise measures to commissioner bill

8:27AM | Friday, 5 August

The South Australian Government has introduced a new combined bill into Parliament that would establish a small business commissioner as well as take measures to regulate the franchise industry.

Franchisee clashes with The Cheesecake Shop over website

7:01PM | Sunday, 31 July

An Australian franchisee has set up a scathing website called, which accuses food retailer The Cheesecake Shop of badly treating franchisees.