Miranda Kerr


Google Zeitgeist reveals what we searched for in 2012

3:34AM | Monday, 11 March

UK retailer ASOS was as the most searched fashion brand in Australia this year, according to Google’s latest Zeitgeist report, while Sydney-based retailer The Iconic was fifth on the list.

How I fashioned a new cashflow from unwanted stock

9:11AM | Friday, 14 September

Being a fashion designer means having the ability to transform fabrics into bestselling items. But what if the fabrics you’re working with aren’t always what you imagined them to be?

Treasure yourself like Miranda Kerr

3:10AM | Tuesday, 13 March

Every day I read a book on my subway ride into Manhattan, and I just recently finished reading Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.

Yahoo!7 search trends highlight opportunities for SMEs

11:01AM | Tuesday, 29 November

Businesses that create content based on popular search terms must ensure they have a relevant tie-in, an expert advises, after Yahoo!7 released its search trend data for 2011.

Victoria’s Secret next in line for Australian market

2:53AM | Monday, 21 February

A retail expert says small businesses have nothing to fear from the arrival of multiple foreign retailers, despite the imminent launch of Victoria’s Secret in Australia.