Nick Boyd


Carbon price will drive green innovation: Garnaut

6:27AM | Wednesday, 1 June

The Federal Government should spend up to $2.5 billion a year generated from the carbon tax to foster innovation in clean technologies, according to climate change expert Ross Garnaut.

A cloud of uncertainty

4:22AM | Friday, 27 April

Ask any moneyed investor where start-up capital is set to flow in the coming years and there’s an excellent chance that the clean energy sector will be high up on the list.

10 reasons why we need a Start-up Australia

4:08AM | Monday, 4 April

We looked on in a mixture of wonder and envy last week as the UK Government launched StartUp Britain, a scheme aimed at propelling wannabe Richard Bransons into business.

Energy efficiency ripe for Australian innovation

4:41AM | Friday, 1 April

Energy efficiency has been identified as a major growth area for Australian tech companies at the Federal Government’s Innovation Australia Showcase.