Nikki Durkin


US start-up Twice offers $1 million ‘acqui-hire’ bounty

3:51AM | Tuesday, 12 March

A US start-up called Twice is pushing the ‘acqui-hire’ trend to new levels by offering $1 million to acquire any “well-qualified” technical and design-savvy entrepreneurs who have failed with their own ventures.

Sydney Uni’s student union launches start-up program Incubate

9:19PM | Monday, 24 September

The University of Sydney Union has launched a development program in the hope of identifying high-potential start-ups on campus, securing entrepreneur Matt Barrie as a mentor.

Sydney start-up Project PowerUp sold to Alchemy Equities

9:09AM | Thursday, 13 September

The founder of crowdfunding platform Project PowerUp has set its sights on the United States after selling the business for less than $1 million, barely a year after it was launched.

The rise of school-aged soloists

8:49AM | Wednesday, 22 August

Real or imaginary risk puts off plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs from taking the plunge, especially if they are faced with the prospect of doing it all by themselves.

10 Aussie start-ups gunning for Silicon Valley

5:20AM | Thursday, 31 May

For Australian start-ups dreaming of making it big in the US, the transition time from launching to jumping on a pan-Pacific flight seems to be getting quicker and quicker.

Flightfox accepted into Y Combinator after snagging $800,000

5:07PM | Wednesday, 30 May

Australian travel start-up Flightfox has been accepted into US-based incubator Y Combinator and raised $800,000 in capital, just months after joining Startmate, the Sydney accelerator.

Video Interview: Nikki Durkin from Y Combinator

3:14AM | Thursday, 14 March

This article first appeared May 7th, 2012.   Nikki Durkin is a well-known name in the Australian start-up world.

Is it time to pivot?

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

As far as buzzwords go, to “pivot” is a term that many Australian start-ups would still respond blankly to. But the concept, now established in Silicon Valley, is starting to gain traction Down Under.

10 female entrepreneurs breaking down the tech boy’s club

5:26AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Our coverage last week of female representation – or lack of it – in Australia’s tech industry provoked a surge of comment within the sector.

Three start-ups to watch in Y Combinator’s latest batch

3:16AM | Thursday, 29 March

Start-up incubator Y Combinator has held its 14th demo day for 65 start-ups, with many start-ups fielding investment offers following their presentations.

Five reasons to start-up in 2012 – and five reasons to think twice

3:51AM | Friday, 15 March

Figures released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics illustrate what many budding entrepreneurs have long suspected – conditions aren’t all rosy for new businesses.

99dresses shuts down amid financial woes

3:23AM | Monday, 11 March

Australian start-up 99dresses has temporarily closed its doors after 20-year-old founder Nikki Durkin ran into financial troubles, although the business’ former incubator is confident that Durkin will bounce back.

How Aussie start-ups can crack the US

5:33AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Atlassian is held up as something of a trailblazer among Australia’s start-up community, and with good reason.

Project PowerUp sets sights on Silicon Valley

11:49AM | Thursday, 24 November

The founder of Sydney-based crowdfunding site Project PowerUp says he plans to visit Silicon Valley early next year to drum up interest from investors, with the possibility of relocating there.

99dresses founder Nikki Durkin joins Y Combinator

11:26PM | Sunday, 20 November

Twenty-year-old Australian entrepreneur Nikki Durkin will participate in the fabled Y Combinator program in the United States, as she seeks to replace eBay as the world’s premier online fashion portal.

Australia’s top 10 female start-up entrepreneurs

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

When it comes to women in business, Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world. Still.

10 pearls of wisdom from the Future Makers

5:24AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Wisdom, as they say, comes with age. But when it comes to starting up, the lessons not only come thick and fast, they also come early.

Invasion of the big brands

5:46AM | Wednesday, 2 May

Despite the doom and gloom in the retail sector, there’s been a plethora of large, overseas brands enter the Australian market recently.

99dresses and rome2rio among iAward winners

8:40AM | Monday, 8 August

Online start-ups 99dresses and rome2rio have been honoured at the 2011 iAwards, while Sajari and Calibre Hosting were among the winners of this year’s MEGA NSW event.

10 reasons investors don’t invest in start-ups

4:00AM | Friday, 27 April

A common refrain from start-ups and small business groups is that we are currently in a funding drought, with banks, venture capitalists and business angels all unable to finance the next generation of Australian businesses.