Roger Gillespie


Bakers Delight plots to turn apprentices into franchisees

3:06AM | Friday, 15 March

Bakers Delight is hoping to grow its franchise network by way of apprenticeships, after announcing it will offer 1,000 new apprenticeships in 2013, described as a “solid” opportunity.

Retailers no longer short shifted following Federal Court decision

5:45AM | Friday, 11 May

Retailers can now employ school students for a minimum 90-minute shift as opposed to three hours, after the Federal Court upheld a Fair Work Australia ruling.

Federal Budget 2012: Business groups welcome budget surplus but question long-term vision

5:08AM | Wednesday, 9 May

Business and industry groups have welcomed the Federal Budget’s return to surplus but have questioned Treasurer Wayne Swan’s long-term vision for enterprise, with the decision to dump the promised company tax cut provoking ire.

Four entrepreneurial couples that have the Valentine’s Day spirit

2:48AM | Monday, 13 February

With Valentine’s Day just one day away, many retailers are relying on the temporary spending splurge to boost sales, despite consumers’ cynical views on the commercial nature of the event.

Beware the business love triangle

3:31AM | Tuesday, 13 March

Valentine’s Day is here, love is in the air and your old romantic friend The Taskmaster has a song in his heart.