Tony Faure


How much should I be travelling during the early stages of my business?

3:39AM | Wednesday, 13 March

This week’s Secret Soloist answer comes from t-4 founder Tony Faure.

Aussie app Budge launches with $1 million investment

3:56AM | Monday, 11 March

An app created in Melbourne that describes itself as a “micro-donation platform” has launched in Australia and the United States, having raised $1 million from investors including Seek co-founders Paul Bassat and Matt Rockman.

Rather than battle on by myself, I’ve decided to create a company board. Should I do this?

8:00AM | Wednesday, 22 August

This week’s Secret Soloist is answered by Tony Faure, former CEO of NineMSN and current chairman of start-up incubator Pollenizer.

Is it time to pivot?

5:27AM | Wednesday, 2 May

As far as buzzwords go, to “pivot” is a term that many Australian start-ups would still respond blankly to. But the concept, now established in Silicon Valley, is starting to gain traction Down Under.

Start-ups warned about borrowing from friends and family

4:29AM | Monday, 23 April

Start-ups are being encouraged to think twice before borrowing money from loved ones, with a new report revealing 20% of Australians have lost friends over borrowed money.

What kind of returns do investors look for in a start-up?

3:03PM | Tuesday, 13 March

What kind of returns do investors look for in a start-up? Will I have to squeeze every last cent out of my business for them to be happy?   The only reason for a rational investor to back a start-up is the promise of very strong returns compared with other, less risky options.

Playing the monopoly game

3:17AM | Monday, 11 March

The week prior to Christmas is a fairly lethargic time for news and opinion makers. Many will be on holiday and, anyway, most of their audience won’t be bothered by issues more weighty than wrapping presents and the Boxing Day test.

Tuesday 7 June

6:51AM | Tuesday, 7 June

Today on StartupSmart, we chart the rise of the start-up accelerators that are giving traditional venture capitalists a literal run for their money.

Caution urged over CEO courses

3:01AM | Monday, 21 March

Start-ups should be wary of relying solely on CEO courses, rather than hands-on experience, to gain skills, according to business consultants.