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How do I maintain a customer/client focus within my business?

Keeping customers and clients happy should be your business’s main focus. They are the lifeblood of your operation and without them you will fail.

The biggest threat to your business is that you lose your best customers, so you should first identify who they actually are. Look at the key demographics you’re targetting, recognise who is buying your products or services and then focus on them.

Then, you should ask them if they are satisfied with your product or service. Consider looking at your 50 most loyal customers and then send them a customer satisfaction survey. Ask them what they like about your business, what they don’t, and then incorporate that into your process.

Make sure your customers and clients are the priority. Keep them coming back by offering them a particular service or something extra – connect customers with other customers, give them information or materials you think they would find interesting.
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Garwen Education
Im going to assume that by the term customers, you are including the internal customers in the business, commonly referred to as staff. Because it's people in your business that are the lifeblood, not only clients. I think there should be a focus on all PEOPLE in a business.
Maintaining a customer focus can be done as you suggested by measuring aspects of the database and then asking them for feedback. However if you own a SME I think its important to investigate strategies to encourage feedback and ideas from all clients, no matter what size their companies are.
Another thing you might find valuable is asking the staff for ideas. This brings innovation and more importantly a sense of ownership they will respond to with productivity, rather being instructed to follow a system or idea. Get them to create the system or process and you oversee it.

Hope this helps
Garwen Education , November 13, 2010
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