About the ebook

For every chief executive officer or company director, there are countless positive moments to celebrate, but also some very difficult times to steer through.

Even the most experienced company leaders can feel challenged when faced with some of the more complex scenarios.

Perhaps it is the moment when a senior team member needs to be let go, or less than ideal financial results must be revealed to the board and shareholders. Or it could be that staff numbers have to be reduced, or you are managing a difficult merger.

It could be a time when the media turns its attention on your business and you need to rescue and revive your company’s reputation.

This free StartupSmart eBook, brought to you by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, tackles seven challenging scenarios faced by company leaders, revealing how they could be overcome with strength and success.

You’ll learn how to handle these tough situations:

  • delivering questionable financial results
  • negotiating board discontent
  • managing stakeholders in an administration
  • dismissing a senior team member
  • cutting staff
  • handling a tricky merger
  • overcoming bad publicity