About the webinar

Crowd sourcing is a huge trend in the startup world – but to take it from being an experiment to a true success, some expert advice can make the difference.

Cyber security company BugCrowd have achieved immense success with crowd sourcing. They run competitions that encourage hackers to hack into business sites, helping business owners expose the flaws in their IT security systems.

In this free StartupSmart webinar brought to you by the Small Business Victoria Festival, BugCrowd will join StartupSmart editor Bronwen Clune about the secrets to successful crowd sourcing.


You’ll find out:

  • The benefits of crowd sourcing;
  • How to tap into online communities to solve real world problems;
  • Tips to run a successful crowd sourcing campaign;
  • Things to be careful of, and much more.


Bronwen Clune
StartupSmart |
Bronwen is editor of www.StartupSmart.com.au, Australia’s leading online resource for start-ups. She is an experienced journalist and writer with a passion for startups and the business sector. She is vice-president of the Public Interest Journalism Foundation and has a regular weekly column in The Guardian.
Chris Raethke
CTO | BugCrowd
Chris Raethke is the CTO of Bugcrowd, specialising in the design of systems that bridge security and development practices to enable companies to be more secure and build better software. He has over 17 years of experience across a broad range of software development areas from cutting code to running projects. Closing the gap between security and development teams is his pet love and he regularly speaks at events on both security and development practices and projects.