Improving your customer service the digital way


Having friendly, competent staff dealing with your customers either on the phone or in person is still an important consideration for start-ups. But it’s vital that you don’t neglect the many other ways that customers will interact with, and judge, your business.

Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as the standard website offering, are increasingly the first port of call for people looking for your product or service. Unless you make the experience a helpful, engaging one for them, you will lose their attention in seconds.


Customer service via digital channels should, in theory, be relatively simple, but many businesses, large and small, still make costly errors. To help you navigate your way around these mistakes, StartupSmart is holding a webinar with Scott Kilmartin, founder of Melbourne-based retailer Haul.


Kilmartin has used the internet to significantly increase the reach of his business, as well as offer a speedy, convenient way to engaging with his customers. He’s even got his dog in on the action.

In this webinar, Kilmartin and StartupSmart editor Oliver Milman will discuss:

  • Which online channels work best as customer service tools
  • How you should handle orders, complaints and general comments
  • What to do if things go wrong
  • The tone and frequency needed to keep customers happy

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