Rethinking Recycled: Secrets of the Salvos’ success in the modern retail world


The face of pre-loved goods retailing has changed dramatically over the last five years. And a number of online start-ups have attempted to gain traction in an area that was previously the preserve of Salvos Stores.

Keeping pace with the market, while still maintaining the organisation’s core mission, can be a challenge.

Allen Dewhirst, CEO of Salvos Stores Southern Territory has met this challenge head on, taking the company to new heights, and in 2011 Salvos Stores received the Highly Commended award for the Visa Australian Retailer of the Year at the ARA Australian Retail Awards.

In this webinar, Allen will take you on the journey of where Salvos Stores began, and what they’ve done – from rebranding to moving into the digital space – to ensure they are able to compete effectively in the modern retail world.

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