Do you run a startup?

Are you a startup founder, CEO, general manager, or just keen to launch a new concept?

StartupSmart’s wide reach and network of successful founders and influencers mean we’re in a prime position to help make your startup dreams a reality.

Brought to you by StartupSmart, the StartupSchool’s doors open with the first three in a series of educational events launching in Melbourne and Sydney.

Providing experienced, industry-renowned teachers who are specialists on some of the most elusive subjects within the startup community, their insider secrets and anecdotal examples of their failures and successes will form the basis of practical lessons on a range of topics, from raising money through crowdfunding, to how to grow an audience on Instagram.

Learn how to get started, avoid mistakes, and grow your idea, from some of the best startup minds in the industry.

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Upcoming Events

Are you a startup founder, CEO, general manager, or just keen to launch a new concept?

How to use Instagram to grow your business

Monday 26th October / 5pm – 8.30 pm (Melbourne)

Instagram followers are loyal and actively engage with you and your brand. Learn how to market to them most effectively and win on Instagram before your competitors do.

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IP Australia

For many start-ups, intellectual property (IP) is the difference between success and failure. Competing with larger established business requires new and disruptive innovation. Much of that creativity and innovation can be protected with registered IP like patents for inventions, trade marks for brands, and designs for the way a product looks.

IP Australia is the Australian Government agency that administers IP rights and legislation relating to patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. We process applications, conduct hearings and maintain IP registers. To understand how IP can help your business, visit

Blue Chilli

BlueChilli partners with new entrepreneurs with a great idea and corporates to build, grow and invest in awesome tech startups. BlueChilli’s goal is to deliver 100 awesome startups by 2016 and is well on track to smash that goal. BlueChilli offers a residential startup accelerator program, expert product development team and a $10.5M early-stage venture fund.

Collective Campus

For business leaders looking to maintain their competitive edge, Collective Campus is an Enterprise Innovation School in Melbourne’s CBD that empowers businesses to embrace innovation through short, high-impact workshops.

We take a hands-on approach to teach organisations how to adapt in a time of rapid disruption to industry incumbents.

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