Mark Pesce Entrepreneur & Author

Best known for his work as panelist and judge on ABC’s The New Inventors, Mark Pesce has been at the forefront of innovation and business for thirty years as an inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster.

A veteran of several crowdfunding projects, Pesce raised over $250,000 on Kickstarter to launch LIGHT by MooresCloud, a connected lighting device for the home, going on to raise more than $70,000 in a DIY crowdfunding campaign to launch Holiday by MooresCloud. Pesce teaches crowdfunders how to succeed by creating strong emotional relationships with potential bakers.

In 1994 Pesce co-invented VRML, a 3D interface to the World Wide Web, and has written six books, including VRML: Browsing and Building Cyberspace and The Playful World: How Technology is Transforming Our Imagination, which used toys such as Furby and Sony’s PlayStation to explore our interactive future.

As an educator, Pesce founded graduate programs in interactive media at both the University of Southern California’s world-famous Cinema School and the Australian Film, Radio and Television School. Pesce currently holds an appointment as Honorary Associate in the University of Sydney’s Digital Cultures Program.

A highly-regarded speaker, Pesce entertains and informs audiences on the future of technology, media, government, health care, and education, and is a regular guest on James Valentine’s ABC 702 radio program. Pesce’s articles about technology and culture are regularly published in WIRED, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and ABC’s The Drum.

In his workshop on the Secrets of Successful Crowdfunding, Mark will walk you through the steps to give your crowdfunding campaign the greatest chance at success.