Founders: Michael Larsen
Started: 2012
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 5
Industry: Internet
Winner: Best Online Strategy

Imagine being able to rate your current or former employer, to either warn off others or recommend them.


Better still, what if you had the chance to gain an insight into what kind of employer you were about to join?


This is the premise behind InsideTrak, an online business that searches job listings from employer and recruiter career sites (up to 45,000 and growing), as well as asking site visitors to provide an anonymous review of a current or former employer.


Founder Michael Larson explains: “By giving job searchers the opportunity to search all employers and recruiter websites they're able to truly search all the jobs (not just the one's the employer has paid to put on Seek), as well as using the reviews to find the employer where they will be the best cultural fit and can be most productive.”


“This is our goal, to help employers and job seekers share authentic information so both parties can make a great decision.”


So how is this site actually that different from the plethora of other job boards out there?


“The differentiator is really the gathering and sharing of employer reviews, and it's bringing a peer to peer information sharing approach that we've seen in other applications into one of the most important decisions that people make, where to work,” says Larson.


Fred Schebesta, founder of and judge of the award, says: “They have shown superior, innovative ideas for marketing their business. We will see if they keep the momentum up!”