Doing business overseas


Data-mining start-up Kaggle launches $US3.3m competition

4:58PM | Tuesday, 5 April 2011 |  Australian data-mining start-up Kaggle is aiming to generate international interest after launching a $US3.3 million online data analysis competition, attracting contestants from around the world.

Startmate start-ups return from Silicon Valley

3:06PM | Thursday, 31 March 2011 |  Five tech start-ups selected to participate in a three-month incubator program have returned from a trip to Silicon Valley, where all five companies were introduced to potential customers and investors.

Japan braces itself for nuclear disaster

3:37PM | Tuesday, 15 March 2011 |  Japan is bracing itself for a nuclear meltdown after another explosion occurred at a nuclear power plant, triggered by the worst earthquake in the country’s history.

Business calls for greater Asian ‘literacy’

3:54PM | Thursday, 3 March 2011 |  Businesses put pressure on the Government for greater capacity in Asian “literacy”, with a new report revealing Australian companies lack experience and skills when doing business in Asia.

NSW Export Lab launched for export-ready enterprises

3:08PM | Thursday, 3 March 2011 |  The NSW Government has launched NSW Export Lab, a program designed to help businesses improve their export efforts.

Retailers to be hit by rising cotton costs

2:10PM | Monday, 28 February 2011 |  Retailers are facing an unprecedented rise in cotton prices and higher manufacturing costs out of China, forcing some to lift prices or risk selling their goods at a loss.

Yammer launches Australian operation

2:00AM | Friday, 18 February 2011 |  Yammer, the US start-up dubbed the ‘Facebook for businesses’, has expanded to Australia, praising the level of tech innovation in the country.

Should you be California dreaming?

2:26PM | Thursday, 10 February 2011 |  For some high tech Australian start-ups, success can still be defined by two words: Silicon Valley.

SMEs still exporting despite high Aussie dollar

2:00AM | Wednesday, 9 February 2011 |  New research shows the rising Australian dollar has not deterred small businesses from exporting.

Helping start-ups go global

1:03PM | Monday, 10 January 2011 |  We speak to Viki Forrest, CEO of the San Francisco-based network, to find out if Aussie enterprises are making their mark on Silicon Valley.