Eagle Boys Pizza


Eagle Boys owner takes stake in Vic-based café chain

1:45PM | Wednesday, 16 January 2013 |  The co-founder of Degani Bakery Café says the Victoria-based chain will be able to “crystallise its growth opportunities” following an investment from NBC Capital, which owns Eagle Boys.

Eagle Boys franchisee fined $30,000 for underpaying staff, lack of experience blamed

10:19PM | Tuesday, 2 October 2012 |  Business inexperience rather than malice led to underpayment of employees by a NSW pizza franchisee.

Eagle Boys aims to beat franchise struggles with Video Ezy link-up

4:21PM | Tuesday, 12 April 2011 |  Pizza chain Eagle Boys is the latest franchise to team up with another operator in a bid to attract new customers, although the peak industry body says franchisees should be wary of “multi-branding”.

Eagle Boys Pizza’s Tom Potter

8:00AM | Wednesday, 25 August 2010 |  Successful Eagle Boys Pizza franchise founder Tom Potter reveals his next venture.