Should I spend my time and money on eCommerce?

2:00AM | Tuesday, 25 February 2014 |  Just like conventional retail, successful online retail requires staying close to customers, a compelling product offer and great service.

How can I go about converting Facebook “Likes” into actual sales?

12:00AM | Thursday, 6 December 2012 |  While there’s no instant formula for turning Facebook “Likes” into sales, you can prompt people who “Like” your product into taking action.

ACCC conducts "internet sweep" into online shopping fine print

9:47PM | Tuesday, 18 September 2012 |  If you sell goods online make sure your fine print is up to scratch, as the consumer watchdog is conducting an internet sweep of websites today as part of an international campaign.

FlexiGroup acquisition highlights eCommerce growth

12:04PM | Tuesday, 6 December 2011 |  Online payments business Paymate has been acquired by point-of-sale finance provider FlexiGroup, reportedly for less than $5 million, as the eCommerce sector continues to grow.

Female entrepreneurs more likely to use social media: Report

11:27PM | Thursday, 10 November 2011 |  Female business owners are 6% more likely than their male counterparts to use at least one form of social media in their business, according to a new study released by American Express.

MYOB and PayPal launch eCommerce “starter package”

11:46PM | Friday, 4 November 2011 |  MYOB and PayPal have launched a new initiative enabling small businesses to set up a website and begin accepting payments within an hour, in a bid to cash in on the growth of eCommerce.

Micro firms failing to adopt eCommerce: Report

11:18PM | Tuesday, 1 November 2011 |  Only 29% of micro businesses had a website presence in 2009-10, new data has revealed, yet 31% had a website presence in 2008-09, suggesting start-ups are increasingly shying away from eCommerce.

An app-based start-up journey

9:26PM | Friday, 30 September 2011 |  As figures released yesterday by PayPal show, mobile-based commerce is set to rocket this year, but there are still a few untapped niches in Australia.

SMEs embrace the cloud while consumers flock to mobile commerce: Report

9:13PM | Thursday, 29 September 2011 |  The shift by SMEs and consumers to new technology has been underlined by separate figures that show the cloud computing market will generate revenues of $12 billion in Asia-Pacific by 2016, while mobile payments in Australia are set to quadruple this year.

Internet set to contribute $70bn to Australian economy by 2016: Report

8:58PM | Wednesday, 3 August 2011 |  Australian businesses are set to gain a $27 billion boost to productivity in 2011 as more companies shift to eCommerce, new figures reveal, with the web tipped to contribute $70 billion to the economy by 2016.