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Can the Microsoft Surface tablet beat the iPad in business?

6:19AM | Wednesday, 20 June

Microsoft revealed its Surface tablet yesterday, and the reaction so far has been decidedly mixed.

Microsoft unveils Windows 8 software

9:03AM | Wednesday, 14 September

Software giant Microsoft has revealed its Windows 8 software to developers in a new preview build, as the company attempts to battle against both Google and Apple in both the desktop computer and smartphone categories.

Eye-tracking technology

3:55AM | Friday, 11 March

A Swedish technology company has unveiled the world’s first laptop computer controlled by the human eye, bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “keeping an eye on it”.

Top 10 gadgets from CES 2011

1:39AM | Friday, 14 January

The Consumer Electronics Show is gadget heaven. Every year major manufacturers pull out some of the most powerful (and wacky), pieces of technology for attendees and have the chance to show off some of the most impressive and futuristic pieces of hardware ever seen; it's the biggest tech event of the year.