Effective Measure unveils products to enhance mobile user analysis

5:16PM | Wednesday, 14 May 2014 | StartupSmart

Effective Measure today unveiled new products aimed at providing businesses with greater access to mobile data.


Internode: The inside story of how Simon Hackett built and sold a tech empire

5:28PM | Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Andrew Sadauskas

In the first of a two-part interview, Internode founder and pioneering Australian tech entrepreneur Simon Hackett discusses his experiences in launching, pivoting, growing and, eventually, selling a major tech business.

 | Growth  | Sell a business  | Technology

Mate of Mine serves up wink-wink nudge-nudge services to social media platform

5:24PM | Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Kye White

An Australian startup is turning to the adult services industry in an attempt to monetise its service.

 | Marketing  | Technology

NBN Co announces new symmetric broadband packages

5:24PM | Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Andrew Sadauskas

The NBN Co has announced a range of new wholesale symmetric broadband packages targeted at medium sized businesses.

 | Technology

Microsoft improves its Azure hybrid cloud offering

5:24PM | Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Andrew Sadauskas

Optus’ parent company SingTel has signed on as a major partner for Microsoft’s newly announced Azure ExpressRoute hybrid cloud service.

 | Technology

Amazon’s ‘silly’ patent only strengthens Aussie startup’s position

5:24PM | Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Kye White

Amazon’s move to patent the process of taking a picture of an object against a white background makes Australian startup Pixc stronger, according to founder Holly Cardew.

 | Legal matters  | Technology

Sydney financial startup Stockspot eyes spot in Singapore showcase

5:01PM | Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Kye White

Sydney-based financial technology startup Stockspot is hoping to become the second Australian company in two years to be named a finalist at the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge’s Singapore showcase.

 | Technology

Ingogo delivers more than 1.5 million taxi trips

5:02PM | Monday, 12 May 2014 | Kye White

Australian taxi app Ingogo recorded more than 1.5 million taxi trips in the past 12 months, according to new figures released by the company.

 | Technology

“Uber for tennis” launches

5:01PM | Monday, 12 May 2014 | StartupSmart

Tennis Buddy an app that promises to help users find a tennis partner in less than 10 minutes is billing itself as “Uber for Tennis”.

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Meet the Australian startup 3D printing circuit boards

5:17PM | Monday, 12 May 2014 | Kye White

Since its Argentum desktop 3D printer was successfully funded on Kickstarter last year, Brisbane startup Cartesian Co has been working hard to ensure it doesn’t disappoint its backers.

 | Technology

Five reasons why Apple has bought headphone company Beats (by Dr Dre)

5:34PM | Monday, 12 May 2014 |  David Glance

It seems almost certain that Apple will buy premium headphone and audio company Beats for $3.2 billion. Here are five key ways it will benefit from the deal.

 | Technology

Internet of Things on the move: Innov8 Seed principal

5:38PM | Friday, 9 May 2014 | Kye White

The Internet of Things movement is really starting to pick up pace in Australia, according Optus Innov8 Seed lead principal Alfred Lo.

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Adelaide startup goes in search of the science behind a monster games hit

5:20PM | Friday, 9 May 2014 | Kye White

To break into the mobile gaming market, you have to understand the science of the medium, says co-founder of Adelaide-based startup Broken Arms Games, Elisa Farinetti.

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ICT teacher shortage leaves knowledge economy looking stupid

5:08PM | Friday, 9 May 2014 | David Grover

The shortage of computing experts in Australian schools has serious implications for our future as a player in the knowledge economy.

 | Growth  | Technology  | Networking  | Tech  | Government and Regulation

A brief history and future of the Internet of Things

5:24PM | Friday, 9 May 2014 | Dylan Steele

The Internet of Things is set to change the way we live, but it has been around for a little longer than most people think.

 | Planning  | Technology  | Tech

THE NEWS WRAP: Victorian government follows NSW lead with crackdown on Uber drivers

5:27AM | Friday, 9 May 2014 | Kye White

The Victorian government has been issuing $1700 fines to Uber ride-sharing drivers.

 | Planning  | Technology  | Government and Regulation

Ingogo expansion turns up the heat in the battle of the taxi apps

5:30PM | Thursday, 8 May 2014 | Kye White

Taxi app and mobile payment provider Ingogo launches in Melbourne today, in the same week competitor Uber launched in Perth.

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Google Glass: Eyes and ears for sight and hearing impaired

5:08PM | Thursday, 8 May 2014 | Kye White

For the past six months, Telstra and b2cloud have been working to create apps on Google Glass for the vision and hearing impaired.

 | Growth  | Technology

THE NEWS WRAP: Google acquires restaurant web tech business and systems infrastructure startup

5:24AM | Thursday, 8 May 2014 | Kye White

Google has bought Appetas, which is a website builder for restaurants, and systems infrastructure startup Stackdriver.

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The devil in the NBN's satellite magic pudding

5:46PM | Wednesday, 7 May 2014 | Paul Wallbank

Yesterday's announcement about changes to the National Broadband Network are mixed news for those waiting to get high speed internet.

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