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Australia has one of the world’s highest rates for PC use, tablet and smartphone ownership

Monday, 25 August 2014 | By Andrew Sadauskas

Australia is in the top 10 countries in the world in terms of tablet ownership and PC usage rates, and in the top 15 for smartphone ownership, according to figures published late last week by Kantar subsidiary TNS.


The figures show 38.9% of Australians own an iPad or Android tablet, the sixth highest in the world behind the Netherlands (51.3%), Norway (48.4%), Denmark (47.4), Singapore (40.4%) and the UK (40%).


Australians are more likely to own a tablet than residents of the US (29.7%), Canada (32.6%), Ireland (37.5%), New Zealand (30.1%), Germany (20.1%), Sweden (38.4%), Japan (12.6%), China (11.4%) or South Korea (10.5%).


Australia comes in 13th in the world in terms of smartphone ownership, with 66.2% of Australians owning one. This is lower than the penetration rate for Singapore (85.3%), Korea (79.5%), and other nations including, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Spain, China, Denmark, Norway, the UK and Taiwan.


However, Australians are far more likely to own a smartphone than their cousins in the US (56.4%), Ireland (65.5%), Israel (62.4%), New Zealand (57.9%), Canada (57.4%), Germany (50.1%), France (48.8%) or Japan (46.1%).


Australia is ranked 10th in the world for PC usage, with 82.9% of Australians regularly using a Windows PC or Mac, beating the UK (75.7%), US (74%), New Zealand (80.6%), Canada (74.6%) and China (65.3%).


This article originally appeared on SmartCompany.