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Find out when you last visited a website

Monday, 17 February 2014 | By Andrew Sadauskas

Sometimes, especially for technical support, you might want to know when the last time you visited a particular website or how frequently you’ve visited it.


For example, if you’re having trouble with online banking, a customer service rep from your bank might ask when the last time you tried to log on was. Meanwhile, some business news website subscriptions restrict you to a particular number of articles per month, so keeping track of how many times you’ve visited a site can be handy.


If you use Firefox, there’s a simple way to find this information out.


First, hit CTRL+Shift+H on PC or CMD+Shift+H on Mac. This will pull up the History window, which – as the name suggests – contains the entire history of websites you’ve visited in Firefox.


At the top of the window, you’ll notice a tool bar that has the options Forward, Back, Organise, Views, Import and Backup.


At the far right of this tool bar, you’ll notice a search field. Type in the name or URL of a website here, hit enter, and it will appear if it’s one you’ve recently visited.


Next, click on Views in the tool bar. One of the options there will be Show Columns. Click on Most Recent Visit. This will add an extra column showing the most recent time you visited a particular website.


A second option under this option is Visit Count, This option adds an extra column which shows the number of times you’ve visited a particular website.