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Fishburners teams up with Y Combinator graduate Dropbox

Thursday, 18 June 2015 | By Broede Carmody

Fishburners has teamed up with Dropbox in order to encourage startups and entrepreneurs to embrace the platform and learn how to work more efficiently.


The partnership will see the 130 startups housed in Fishburners receive free access to Dropbox for Business, as well as training on how to use the Dropbox for Business API.


The co-working space has teamed up with a number of high-profile companies in the past few years, with Dropbox joining the likes of Google, Xero and Amazon.


Murray Hurps, general manager of Fishburners, told StartupSmart the deal will allow local entrepreneurs to experiment with Dropbox’s API and see how it can integrate with third-party apps.


“I use Dropbox every day and everyone around me uses Dropbox every day,” he says.


“To be able to look at them and think they’re this enormous company that came from nowhere and did this thing that people thought was ridiculous – and then building a million dollar company from that – is inspirational. To have them directly in front of 130 startups all trying be the next Dropbox or something else in a different vertical is really helpful.”


Hurps says the partnership shows how large companies are taking an interest in growing the Australian startup ecosystem.


“There’s never been more enthusiasm from companies for engaging with startups,” he says.


“It’s not just incrementally better, it’s exponentially better and we’re privileged to be able to pick and choose the partners that are incredibly helpful – like Dropbox. But it’s nice to think these wonderful innovative things aren’t happening in a bubble.”


Deeps De Silva, head of marketing for Dropbox Australia, said in a statement the partnership will encourage local entrepreneurs to create smarter businesses.


“Dropbox is excited to partner with Fishburners to help support the next generation of tech talent,” he said.


“Today’s startup is agile, mobile and embraces the cloud. They need simple, reliable business solutions to achieve sustainable growth. Dropbox for Business is building the best way to get work done by providing a foundation for local entrepreneurs to make their mark on the global stage.”


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