How to set up Gmail in Thunderbird

Gmail in Thunderbird

Gmail in ThunderbirdThunderbird is one of the best open source solutions for managing email, but it may be hard for a new user to get started. Here’s how to get your Gmail account set up in Thunderbird.


First, you need to go to your Gmail account and then head to the Settings page. Once you’re there, chose Forwarding, and then POP/IMAP, and select the Enable IMAP option.


Then you need to open up Thunderbird and go to Tools/Accounts Settings and then click the “Add Account” button. You’ll need to choose Email account, and then enter all of your details.


Then on the next screen, you’ll need to choose IMAP and then input some details. For the incoming server, choose “” and for the outgoing server choose “”. Then enter your email address.


Then go back to the Account Settings window, choose Server Settings and then choose the SSL option. Then, choose Outgoing Server on the left, and click “Edit”. Enter 587 as the port number, and then choose the TLS radio button.


Then you’re done. Choosing Thunderbird is a good option of your start-up is low and cash and can’t afford some of the more expensive options like Microsoft Office – it’s worth giving it a try.

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