Transfer information from one iPhone to another

Tech Tricks

Tech TricksiPhone users will encounter an issue when they want to upgrade their handset to the latest version. They have all the information, contacts, messages, etc, on their phone, and they don’t know how to keep it.


The iPhone has a feature built in that will allow you to do this – the iTunes backup.


Whenever you sync your iPhone to iTunes, it will create a backup for you to use. This is how you transfer data.


First, sync your old iPhone, creating a back-up. This will ensure you have all the information ready to put on your new phone, but you may want to copy your backup file if anything goes wrong.


Then, put your new phone in. Instead of creating a new phone, you’ll want to choose the “restore from backup” option that appears from iTunes. Then, choose the backup you just created.


It’ll take some time, but iTunes will eventually copy over all your information from your old phone – it’ll be like it never changed.

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