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Run Firefox OS smartphone apps on your desktop computer

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 | By Andrew Sadauskas

As you might have heard, Mozilla – makers of the Firefox web browser – have recently created their own smartphone platform, called Firefox OS.


They’ve also created an easy way for developers to try out the platform and run apps for it on your desktop PC. If you have the Firefox web browser installed on your PC, here’s how to do it.


First off, start Firefox on your PC, then click on “add-ons” under the tools menu.


Next, search for “Firefox OS” – the first option should say “Firefox OS Simulator 4.0”. Click on the install button.


Once it has loaded and installed, there’s a new option in the tools menu, under web developer called “Firefox OS Simulator”. Click on this option.


Finally, on the page that comes up, look for a button that says “Simulator stopped”. Click on the word stopped and – within a few moments – a smartphone simulator will appear running Firefox OS.


Have fun!