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How to make your computer start up faster

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 | By Patrick Stafford

Tech TrickSometimes it takes a while for your computer to start in the morning.


So much so that you may be waiting for up to 10 minutes while all the programs and applications get themselves ready.


If you’re operating a Windows computer there’s a much faster way to get started.


Your computer doesn’t need to start up programs in the background when you aren’t using them and there’s a handy way to turn them off.


Go to the Start Menu, type in “msconfig” and press enter.


When a window pops up with a number of options, click on “startup”.


You’ll see a number of different programs listed – all the programs want to start up when you boot up your computer – untick all of them.


If you need a program you can open it later, you don’t need it to start up when you boot Windows.


After that you’ll be prompted to restart.


You’ll find this will make your computer load up much faster than before.