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Spot your weakness before someone else does

Friday, 27 April 2012 | By Taskmaster

taskmasterA few weeks ago I was talking to a young entrepreneur who is just getting their business off the ground.


It’s a service business and it’s got a good idea behind it.


But there was a giant hole in his business plan.


If he could deliver his service, it would help his clients, but he had no reporting system – he couldn’t show them what great results he was getting for them.


Once I told him about the hole – which was completely repairable – I explained why he had to work harder to spot these sorts of issues:

  • If I was one of his competitors, I’d stomp him. I’d copy his service, add the necessary reporting and wipe him out.
  • If I was an investor, I’d either give him less money or no money. An investor would quite rightly question his ability to access risk.
  • If I was a customer, I’d look for another service.

Every business has weaknesses, but how many actually invest time spotting them and fixing them.


It’s a simple and fast way to improve your market position.


Get it done – today!