25 start up ideas for 2011

25 start up ideas for 2011

StartupSmart has compiled 25 of the best business ideas from around the world, as well as some relevant domestic trends, to give you food for thought if you’re determined to start a business in 2011.

Download this Start-up Guide and be inspired by these 25 start up business ideas.

Here’s to an inspired 2011 and the building of smart, sustainable businesses.

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This StartupSmart Guide will inspire with in-depth business ideas such as:

Move into mobile delivery
Senior citizen start up ideas
Eco-friendly cleaning
And many more

If you're thinking of firing your boss and going it alone, this guide will provide you with invaluable ideas to start your own business.

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Titles include; Sources of finance, How to write a business plan, 101 tips for start-up entrepreneurs and How to write a marketing plan

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