Welcome to the new StartupSmart

  After several months of analysing anonymised data, conceptualising, designing and building our new StartupSmart, we’ve moved in. Just like Uber, we’ve had a complete design...

This new platform wants to show Australia’s best startups to the world

A brand new online platform is aiming to showcase Australia’s best startups and entrepreneurs on the international stage. Digital ventures firm Josephmark has revealed Vest,...

Why a good startup idea means nothing if you can’t execute

If you’re an entrepreneur chances are you might have some failed ideas under your belt. And if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur you may have heard...

What’s going on at Yahoo?

Eamonn Walsh, University College Dublin Spare a thought for the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer. Nearly four years on the job, the ailing internet giant...

Google’s big bets on future tech are sign of an empire bidding for immortality

Robert MacIntosh, Heriot-Watt University We have got used to Google as a massive global success story. But sometimes the detail is more interesting than the...

Why Bill Gates used to memorise his employees’ number plates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has given an insight into how closely he once monitored his staff, revealing he would memorise the number plates of...

Blogging pioneer and technologist Anil Dash’s two key pieces of advice

In a bid to prevent online abuse, New York technologist Anil Dash has challenged tech developers to reflect on their values and envision what...

Victoria continues push to be startup state with new initiatives and a local’s big...

The Victorian government has outlined further strategic initiatives to bolster the state’s startup ecosystem at the launch of a local tech company’s big new...

Featured Profile

Aipoly co-founders

Meet the Australian startup using artificial intelligence to help blind people see

The first time people use Australian startup Aipoly – an app which helps blind people to see the world using artificial intelligence – they...

Sh*t Startups Say

Cringe-worthy quotes from your boss about ‘hustling faster’. Walking into the kitchen and see your workmate sporting a ombre man-bun. Baz wants you to confess.


“We do aesthetics
- we don’t know how to code."