Five most popular Aussie startups on Product Hoist from July


It’s always interesting to look at some of the underlying themes behind the five most popular Aussie startups posted on Product Hoist each month. Last month four of the top five were founded or cofounded by women, two were cofounded by a husband and wife duo and three start with the letter K.


1. Kinchip Systems: technology with purpose.

Founded by Cath Resnik and Gry Stene out of Perth, Kinchip systems designs, develops and markets intelligent technology products solving real world problems. They are currently crowdfunding their first app, Kindom, which is designed to help parents make smart, data-based decisions about their child’s health. Co-founder, Cath Resnick, says that part of the purpose of their crowdfunding campaign is to test whether parents would be willing to pay for this sort of service through a freemium subscription.


2. Konveen: make meetings shorter, more productive, engaging and transparent.

Founded by Townsville-based husband and wife team Steve and Nicole Hambleton, Konveen helps teams have more productive meetings by having a centralised agenda, collaborative meeting notes and tasks assigned against each agenda item.


3. Konnective: broadcast messaging for businesses and teams.

Melbourne-based Konnective, founded by Julie Bray, aims to solve a problem many businesses, local clubs, schools and organisations face – how to easily reach and update their members. Konnective is a broadcast messaging app that allows organisations to securely send a short message to all their members at once.


4. Give me human: shames organisations into reducing telephone support wait times.

Nic Lowe was growing increasingly frustrated that he was wasting ‘life minutes’ waiting on the phone. So he founded Give Me Human, which uses cloud robots to call organisations and track how long it takes before a caller gets to speak to a person with the aim of shaming companies into reducing the time that consumers spend on hold.


5. SEQTA: software for schools – teach more, know more, stress less.

Another startup coming out of the thriving Western Australian startup ecosystem. SEQTA, founded by husband and wife team Sharon and Grant Grosser, provides a complete set of tools for schools to manage teaching and learning.

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