Hotmail co-founder unveils new venture


One of the founders of Hotmail has launched a free text messaging service, promising it will be as revolutionary as his previous venture.


Indian IT entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia, who co-founded the free email service 15 years ago, says the new venture, JaxtrSMS, will do “to SMS what Hotmail did for email.”


JaxtrSMS, which is supported by advertising, allows users to send a text message from their mobile phone to any other mobile in the world, even if the recipient doesn’t have the application.


Other free mobile messaging services work only between users with the same application.


“We’ve developed an application that runs on all the mobile phone platforms… You can send free text messages to any other mobile phone,” Bhatia says.


“People spend $200 billion to send text messages. Now this application will make it completely free. We did a beta launch a month ago… It has covered 200 countries already.”


As consumers continue to look for new ways in which to communicate, for less or no money, services such as this one will most likely keep popping up, so why not create your own?