How can I get myself some office space to hold meetings, without paying out for premises full-time?


I’ve been working from home on my new business but it’s not ideal when arranging meetings with clients.


There are only so many times I can insist that I meet at their office, rather than my cluttered front room.


How can I get myself some office space for such occasions, without paying out for premises full-time?


This is a common problem for many small businesses, particularly start-up companies. A popular and logical solution is to lease serviced office accommodation. Serviced offices are available in a range of sizes and styles to cater for the needs of most businesses.


One of the major attractions with this type of accommodation is the short and often flexible lease terms available. Tenants have the ability to conduct their business within a professional environment without the stress and commitment of a long lease term. Depending on the provider, lease/hire periods can be on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Most serviced offices have similar offerings, including in-house reception services, access to onsite boardroom facilities, the ability to lease furnished accommodation, affordable computer and photocopier facilities, staff/client amenities, etc. These convenient onsite and often affordable services take the fuss out of day-to-day business; helping tenants focus on what is important and not wasting time on administrative issues.


Like most things in life, the quality of accommodation varies greatly and so does cost. Typically, higher prices will be charged for accommodation within the city or city fringe locations, with much cheaper alternatives found in the outer suburbs. We would recommend this style of accommodation as a good alternative to the ‘cluttered front room’ at home.