SocialBook turns a page in Facebook history

Start-up Ideas - SocialBook

Start-up Ideas - SocialBookThere is often a fine line between the online and offline worlds, particularly where social media sites such as Facebook are concerned.


Facebook users can have their online content transferred onto notebooks, coffee mugs and photo albums, blurring the lines even further.


Adding to the mix is the SocialBook, which aims to bring a users’s entire Facebook experience into the physical world.


According to the SocialBook, creating a Facebook-inspired physical book will enable users to capture their virtual life “in a tangible format you can touch, feel and even flip through”.


“Imagine being able to take a stroll down memory lane 20 years from now and experiencing all over again those special moments you shared online with your friends or perhaps a special someone,” it says.


“It’s no longer an imagination but an actualisation… Now it’s possible to take your Facebook history offline into a book.”


The SocialBook, also known as The Facebook Book, can be created from the status updates, published pictures, wall messages and comments shared between the user and as many as 10 selected Facebook friends.


Pages in the SocialBook follow the chronological order of the user’s Facebook account, and its Facebook-blue cover is customised with the user’s Facebook account name.


Consumers’ social lives may be increasingly lived online, but that doesn’t mean the need for tangible offline evidence has disappeared. What other real-world opportunities do social media sites provide to start-ups?

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