The importance of having a coach in business and life


Why is it that our parents typically invest in our sporting, musical and educational careers, but then not so much in helping us in life or business?


Remember those piano or guitar lessons you loved or hated? Were you forced to go to tennis lessons?


I wish I had more cricket coaching when I was younger! ‘If only’ is a popular phrase!


I remember spending hours in the nets practising the wrong things and not improving my skill, until I engaged a professional batting coach too late in my career. As a result, I don’t believe I reached my cricketing potential and I have to live with that!


My three-year-old son gets the full coaching treatment and I will make sure he has every chance of succeeding in whatever he wants to do (namely golf or cricket, of course!).


In business and life, we need help from experts we trust, admire and respect. It might be a mentor, a coach, paid or unpaid, or someone we look up to who has the experience and passion to help us improve. We can’t learn everything ourselves via trial and error; life’s too short.


I’ve seen a psychotherapist for 10 years to help me be better at life and handle a raft of issues, even when times are good! It’s better to have the tools ready for when times are bad. I have the tools to handle most situations and if I get stuck, I know who to call on.


Most people invest in their physical wellbeing (i.e. at the gym), but not necessarily their emotional and psychological wellbeing, for which I am a big advocate. Both are equally important.


I use specialists across different areas, so I am a bit sceptical of life coaches unless they are highly experienced or professionally qualified.


So, who do you call on for help?


At age 25 in 2004, I engaged my first mentor for $300/hour as I saw the value in learning and fast tracking my learning from someone in my industry. I’ve always invested in my education, as I highly value each titbit of information I gain, which I believe is the best long-term investment you can make.


Knowledge lasts a lifetime and gives me the tools today to be better from now onwards. People who don’t learn, stand still and only have the tools from their past.


So, whether that’s me or someone else, start searching or spending regular time with someone or a group to help you grow.


Not sure where you need help or where to turn to?


Who do you look up to? Who has the experience you need, whose ‘been there and done that’? Be mindful of ‘life-coaches’.


Be willing to pay for the right help. I can’t think of a better investment than in you.


If you want the answer to how to reach your potential, then get a coach or a mentor and always have one. I’d expect to have made many more runs had I learned how to bat properly from a younger age.


Time is my most valuable asset, and while I build my businesses day to day, I have limited time available for mentoring. I do, however, love working with ‘high performing learners’ – those that soak it all up and put things into action. If that’s you, then please reach out and I may be willing to mentor you.