Believe that investors need to sell to you: Rebekah Campbell’s advice for female entrepreneurs


Confidence is one of the most important parts of any pitch for capital, according to Hey You co-founder Rebekah Campbell.


In an interview with Launch Group founder Fleur Brown, Campbell, who recently closed a $5 million series A round for Hey You, says she often gets approached by young entrepreneurs looking for advice, and her answer is quite simple: work on your confidence levels.


“Confidence is not something you just find on the ground, it’s something you really have to work on,” she says.


“When I started fundraising I was in the midst of, ‘I’ve got this idea, it’s a good idea, please help me I need some money’.


“And then once I really worked on my confidence levels, I go into that meeting believing that this is an amazing business and you’ll be seriously lucky to be part of this business. So you need to sell me as to why I should take investment from you as opposed to somebody else.


“I think you have to be that confident really for people to believe that the business is going to be successful.”


Check out more advice from Campbell in the video below:



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