The awkward thing an investor said to Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox


Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox has revealed an awkward encounter with an investor in the hope men realise well-meaning behaviour can sometimes make the business world less inclusive for women.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, Fox revealed how she met with a potential Shoes of Prey investor at a bar.

“Now, I didn’t love the idea of meeting him in a bar, but it’s not unheard of,” Fox says.

“So I went along. Anyway, I go there, and the first thing he said to me wasn’t … hello, or it’s great to meet you. He looked at me and said ‘you look amazing, and looked me up and down’.”

Fox says the location, along with having not met this investor before, made her a little uncomfortable.

“Earlier in my career, I would have just dismissed this as an off-the-cuff slip-up,” Fox says.

“But as I’ve progressed, I’ve realised it’s these seemingly innocuous comments that are what contribute to creating this barrier to opportunities for women professionally. We really have to pay attention to that.”

Commenters on the video have been overwhelmingly supportive.

“Not okay, I completely agree with you,” one woman wrote.

“His intentions may have been in the right place, but it’s just unprofessional and honestly quite degrading.”

“Imagine if you walked into the meeting with the investor and before saying hi you said, ‘Hey, you look rich!’” wrote another.

This article was originally posted on SmartCompany.

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Broede Carmody is a senior journalist at SmartCompany where he has a knack for covering legal stories and mental health issues in the workplace. Previously, Broede was the co-editor of RMIT University’s student magazine Catalyst. He has a degree in journalism from RMIT. You can follow him on Twitter at @BroedeCarmody.
  • tom_merle

    Clearly Ms. Fox is clueless about males. Men are hardwired to respond to the packaging of females, irrespective of the setting, though some guys can hide it better than others.This is at the root of all gender issues today.

    • AllisonR

      Thanks for the mansplain. Now tell me that because she’s a woman she should enjoy the attention.