Eternal Twitter memories


Many businesses use Twitter to market themselves, but what about creating a company based on the popular social networking site itself?




InvaderMedia in the US is selling something called a ‘Twournal’, in which people can have all of their tweets, replies and Tweetpics made into a book.
You can choose a dedicated message in your book, with InvaderMedia giving consumers an option to sell their Twournal.
Quite how many people want their tweets in print form, and exactly how you choose the start and end dates of your tweets, remains to be seen.
So far, the most high-profile case of enthusiasm for archiving tweets is the Library of Congress in the US which, in April this year, revealed that it will store every single public tweet since Twitter’s launch in 2006. Given that Twitter generates around 50 million tweets a day, this is no mean feat.
If there is no market for listing tweets in the format of a scrapbook of treasured memories, other opportunities could present themselves. As with every evolving area, companies need advice on their Twitter strategy and may even think about outsourcing the creation of ‘genuine’ witty tweets in order to boost their brand.