Aussie in the Big Apple

Aussie in the Big Apple
Michael Giles is the founder/CEO of Roboinvest, a tech start-up.  Michael, an Australian, is based in New York. He tweets @harland.

  • Don’t spend it before you get it

    For the past two months I have been actively working on obtaining funding for Roboinvest from investors in New York.  We have almost closed the round, but it’s not officially closed until the documents have been signed and the money is in the bank.

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  • Improving your funding chances

    Raising funds for your start-up is probably the most distracting, time consuming and hardest things you will do as an entrepreneur.

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  • Networking, New York-style

    Having spent the better part of six months of this year as a study abroad student completing part of my MEI (Swinburne Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York I’ve been able to fully experience American culture, particularly entrepreneurship.
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  • Lessons from the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC conference

    It's funny how things have their way of working out. Even though I really wanted to go, I hadn't planned on attending the conference.

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Launching a retail product as a first-timer

Launching a business in the industry you know best is a no-brainer. However, as ModelCo founder Shelley Barrett discovered, starting up in an unfamiliar industry is a very different matter. BY MICHELLE HAMMOND.


iPad mini: How it compares to its three main rivals

Competition is heating up in the 7-inch tablet market following the launch of Apple’s iPad Mini. Here’s how it compares to competing devices from Google, Amazon and Samsung. BY OLIVER MILMAN.


Five basic PR blunders every start-up needs to avoid

Last week, Google issued an uncompleted media release with the line “Pending Larry Quote” at the top. Here are five steps to avoid a similar PR blunder at your start-up. BY JULES BROOKE.


What would happen if you didn’t turn up to work?

What would happen to your start-up if you were unable to work for a couple of months? By following these five simple steps, you can make sure your business will continue without you. BY GREG HAYES.


Eight top tips to winning a Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend returns to Sydney on November 9th. Whether you’re there for networking opportunities or to pitch for finance, here are eight top tips for the event. BY ISAAC SOUWEINE.

Going Solo

Measuring how far you’ve come
Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel and don’t be afraid to congratulate yourself for how far you’ve come. BY LINNET HUNTER.

Aussie in the Big Apple

News image

Don’t swap a business model for hype

When the tech media hypes the “next big thing”, it can be incredibly tempting to uncritically jump on the bandwagon. However, there is a something you must consider before you do. BY MICHAEL GILES.

Start-up Idea

News image

Dreams “displayed” on computers

Scientists predict we could soon use computers to “see” what we have dreamed about, and perhaps even record dreams to watch the next day.


YouTube has introduced a new way for content creators to promote their videos and channels, launching a feature called InVideo Programming, designed to help creators grow their audience.
Australian crowdsourcing marketplace DesignCrowd has made its first foray into Asia, after launching its service in Singapore, India and the Philippines as part of a global expansion plan.
More than one in 20 Australians purchase organic products on a regular basis, according to a new report, which predicts the $1.27 billion industry is set for 15% annual growth.
Yahoo! has made its first acquisition under the direction of chief executive Marissa Mayer, snapping up celebrity-backed mobile recommendations app Stamped for an undisclosed sum.
Ninja Blocks and ScriptRock are among this year’s winners of technology innovation event Tech23, which saw four start-ups share in $100,000.


It’s time to rally the troops
As much as it pains me to type this, it’s time to call a meeting. Don’t make it a short 10 minute meeting either – go the full hour.

Tech Tricks

Four essential Windows 8 gestures
Many of the menus in Windows 8 are hidden and appear after you swipe your fingers across the screen in a particular way. Here are four key gestures you'll need to remember.


Vicki Crowe

My start-up team has quickly grown. How do we make sure we still communicate well?

The key to fostering good workplace communication is to have a one-on-one chat with each employee.


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Microsoft Surface tablet review

Last week, Microsoft began taking pre-sale orders in Australia for its Surface RT tablet range. This week, the first reviews of the tablet began appearing on the internet. So is the Surface a potential business tool for your start-up?


Microsoft Surface tablet review

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