Business Book Club

Business Book Club
Alan Hargreaves has spent 35 years in financial services and business consulting, in the US, Asia and Australia. He is also a regular speaker, consultant and investor.  He is author of the management book, Recharge, published by John Wiley and Sons.

  • November's top business books

    Luck by Ed Smith.

    (Bloomsbury, London, 2012, RRP$35.00)


    It’s fashionable to talk about the connection between sport and business at the moment. Luck, however, doesn’t hold such pretensions. It’s basically about, well, luck.

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  • September's top business books

    Like a Virgin by Richard Branson.

    (Virgin Books, London, 2012, RRP$32.95)


    You have to admire Richard Branson. Here’s someone who just doesn’t fit the mould.

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  • August’s top business book

    Be Excellent at Anything by Tony Schwartz, with Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy

    (Simon & Schuster, London, 2010, 334pp, RRP$29.95)


    Here’s a nifty little book. You may have heard some of it before, but Schwartz and his collaborators have put the best management thinking – both old and new – into a very practical volume.

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  • July’s top business book

    Sustainagility: How Innovation and Agility Will Save the World by Patrick Dixon and Johan Gorecki

    (Kogan Page, London, 2010, 212pp, RRP$29.95)


    If you want to get anything out of this book, you’ll need to get over two things: The dreadful title and the assumptions of the authors.

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  • June’s top business book

    The Decisive Moment: How the brain makes up its mind by Jonah Lehrer

    (Text Publishing, Melbourne, 2010, 294pp, RRP$29.99)


    Here’s a book that tells us what we already know: We often make decisions without thinking.

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  • April’s top business book

    Iconoclast, by Gregory Berns

    (Harvard Business Press, 2010, 250pp, RRP$29.99)


    According to author Gregory Berns, an iconoclast is a person who does something that others say can’t be done.

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  • March’s top business book

    The Big Book of Small Business by Andrew Griffiths

    (Allen & Unwin, 2011, 368pp, RRP$35)


    I first picked up an Andrew Griffiths book five years ago in tropical north Queensland. It was the only business book in the Port Douglas bookshop.

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  • February's top business book

    Boomerang by Michael Lewis 

    (Allen Lane, UK, 2011, RRP$40)


    Michael Lewis’ earlier book, The Big Short, was a widely acclaimed, definitive book on the sub-prime crisis and everything that followed.

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  • December's top business book

    Managing by Henry Mintzberg

    (Prentice Hall, UK, 2011, RRP$24.95)


    “One damn thing after another.” For many a manager, that tidily sums up what they do.

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  • November's top business book

    Business Book ClubGreat by Choice by Jim Collins and Morten T Hansen

    (Random House, RRP$45)


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