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Keep blogging

Thursday, 5 January 2012 | By Ned Dwyer

This article first appeared August 26, 2011.


When we started the Native blog it was about sharing what we're working on. And then we started blogging about what we were thinking about, partly to get things off of our chest and partly so we could get clients on the same page as us.


What we didn't expect is that it would bring in new business or help with recruitment.

Three months ago Peter Bakaxe who has five years experience as a digital designer at Publicic Mojo walked in the door. I honestly thought he was lost. We're the first to admit we're not a big agency with big agency budgets so someone of Peter’s calibre doesn't walk in here everyday. 

And the reason? He'd read our blog.

Through the blog he could see that something great was going on at Native. And he assures me that he wasn't wrong.

Your blog is an insight into who you are as a company. The things you update it with, the frequency with which you post, all say a lot about who you are and what you value. The rewards aren't always immediate but it's not all about cheap thrills.