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Tearing it up on Twitter in two minutes

Friday, 23 March 2012 | By Adam Franklin

You may have noticed Twitter is catching on with Aussie businesses.


Entrepreneurs are realising it’s an essential tool for building relationships and a great way to access some brilliant minds!


Here are six ways to tear it up on Twitter.


1. Be human


One of the best things about social media is that it humanises organisations. And all you’ve got to do is be yourself!


As a start-up, it’s easy for your true personality to really shine through, especially when everyone else is speaking corporate mumbo jumbo. You get a big head start over your competitors because “people prefer to do business with real people” and not a faceless company.


2. Build quality, not quantity 


Lots of followers may be flattering for the ego, but it’s not the goal. Don’t obsess with vanity metrics, because Twitter is a relationship-building tool.


You’re much better off focusing on building relationships with real people who you admire rather than chasing after the illusion of popularity.


3. Talk like you’re at lunch 


Don’t forget Twitter is a communication tool, not a “marketing” tool. Yet the irony is if you use it to talk with people and not sell to people, they are much more likely to do business with you.


Think of Twitter like a business lunch and remember no-one likes marketing spam or a hard sell, especially from a stranger.


4. Lead with generosity 


You definitely reap what you sow with social media. Initiate conversations, congratulate people, tweet articles you like, thank your readers and share the love!


If you lead with generosity you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much is reciprocated. And you rarely have to ask!


5. Reach out to amazing people


Your company is only so big, which means most of the smart people in the world work in different organisations.


Twitter allows you to access them and tap into their collective brain power. You'll be amazed at who you can reach.


6. Watch and learn


If you’re brand new to Twitter, follow a few people you admire and check out how they use it.


Once you’ve learnt from them, do what feels comfortable for you and give it a go!