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Adjustable High Heel, Notifies User When Feet Need A Break: Start-up Idea

Adjustable high heel takes the pain out of fashion

By Michelle Hammond
Thursday, 19 April 2012

start-up-idea-heelAn adjustable high heel that tells you when your feet need a break has been created by students, answering women’s prayers everywhere.


The “smart shoe” prototype has a detachable bottom portion on the heel that can be stored inside the shoe’s remaining heel.


Pressure sensors hidden in a front panel on the shoe vibrate after about two hours, telling the wearer it is time to adjust the height of their heels.


However, lovers of flats will be disappointed, since the adjustable 12.7 centimetre pumps only shrink by half at this stage.


While women have an insatiable love of high heels, they can become excruciating to walk in after a few hours, so any sort of solution is to be applauded.


Imagine how popular this particular shoe would be at events such as Melbourne Cup, weddings, parties and the like. Why not take inspiration from this product and create something similar?

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