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Candyscovery, Candy Blog And Delivery Service: Start-up Idea

Candy service a sweet idea

By Michelle Hammond
Friday, 23 March 2012

While travelling the world, the people behind Candyscovery were struck by the idea that only people who physically visit confectioners’ stores have the chance to taste their sugary treats.


“We decided to create a simple candy-tasting service, to let every candy lover get a bite of these treats,” the company says on its website.


Candyscovery is broken down into sections: subscription, gift and sample. Customers can have candy delivered to their door or to the home of a loved one, and sample before they subscribe.


“When it comes to choosing partners, be they confectioners or any person with whom we have the chance to work, we always favour emergent and local talents,” it says.


“On our blog, Candystoric, we will present you the confectioners we encounter on our way.


“Also, we will develop a retrospective of the candy we sent in the past, just to give you an idea of what we have for you in the future.


“Last, we will let you know about any news related to our web presence and the development of our community.”


Anyone looking for a sweet yet thoughtful present – or struggling to satisfy their sugar cravings – would be hard-pressed to look past a service such as Candyscovery.


What other yummy foods could be delivered in a similar way?

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