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The Eye Tribe – Eye Control For Mobile Devices: Start-up Idea

Control your mobile with your eyes

By Michelle Hammond
Tuesday, 06 November 2012

start-up-idea-coll-blue-eyeConsumers may soon be able to operate their smartphones and tablets just by moving their eyes.


With a simple flick of your eyes, you will be able to turn the pages of an eBook or control a video game, according to Danish company The Eye Tribe, which has developed the software.


The Eye Tribe was founded a year ago by four PhD students, who received $800,000 in funding in August to develop the technology.


The software uses infra-red light reflected from the pupil of the eye, which is captured by a device’s camera and enables users to scroll or click on their screens with their eyes.


Phone users would be able to scroll through and read pages as normal, with the software automatically moving to the next page when they reach the end.


It can work with existing tablets and smartphones that have a front-facing camera, but the team behind the project wants the software built into future generations of devices.


The company plans to give the technology to major device makers and app developers, hoping to make its money from licensing fees.


If you’re an app developer looking for your next big idea, perhaps this is worth looking into.

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