05:29am | Monday, 04 July 2011

Creepy crawlies make for kooky candy

0 Comments | Business ideas | PRINT | | By Michelle Hammond
Creepy Creatures CandyLollipops containing real creatures – such as scorpions, crickets and mealworms – are being sold online, putting an entirely new spin on the term “You are what you eat”.


Creepy Creatures Candy is the brainchild of Sydney entomologist and food scientist Skye Blackburn, who makes more than 1,000 lollipops a week to be sold online or at novelty science stores.


The bizarre idea was originally developed two years ago to promote Blackburn’s insect-breeding company. After a positive response at a pet and animal expo, she decided the edible bugs were here to stay


“The insects are bred in a sterile environment, meaning no diseases can come in and they are cleaned out on a daily basis, so they are not sitting in their own dirt,” Blackburn says.


“The insects are roasted before they are inserted into the handmade lollipops so they don’t have guts inside.”


A hit with kids, Blackburn says the insects even have health benefits, stating: “Not only are they really high in protein and low in fat, but crickets, for example, are high in calcium”.


The Creepy Creatures Candy is becoming increasingly popular and is sourced for all sorts of events, from corporate team-building exercises to Halloween parties.


Can you think of any other food items that could do with a (less icky) twist?