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Kiss of approval for electronic lips

Friday, 31 August 2012 | By Michelle Hammond

start-up-idea-the-kissingerA robotics professor in Singapore has invented motion-sensitive electronic “lips” that allow long-distance couples to kiss via the internet.


The Kissenger is shaped like a small head with oversized silicone lips, which, when kissed, trigger sensors that move the gadget on the corresponding device.


“It can be used between humans to improve their communication,” says creator Hooman Samani.


Couples just have to connect the devices to computers via USB cables, link up online and start kissing the silicone material to trigger sensors that move the gadget on the other side.


The special silicone material chosen for the lips offers “the best sensation and feeling”, according to Samani, who has personally tested the device.


The device is still being refined at a laboratory jointly set up by the National University of Singapore and Keio University in Japan.


Samani calls his field of study “lovotics” – research into the relationship between robots and humans – and the Kissenger is just one of several devices being developed by his team.


Why not take inspiration from the Kissenger and develop your own technology for loved-up couples?